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Roij van Koolwijk

Brenda Hendriks

About A-Brend

A Brend originates from a lust for silver, gold and marvellous accessories and fashion. Combined with the love for travelling, it inspired to the business start-up of the brand. The designs breathe the quietness of Bali, but also the cosmopolitan character of world cities.

Brenda Hendriks completed a four year Design & Styling degree at the AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, along with multiple courses in silversmithing. The founding of her own jewelry brand was a logical step. A Brend was born in 2012.

In every design one discovers the passion for other cultures, a free way of life and the use of unique materials.

Twice a year A Brend presents a new collection. The fragile designs are appreciated by different types of women and they adapt to various clothing styles. The pieces of jewelry from A Brend are at times girly and sweet, or powerful and robust. They are all made of Sterling 925 silver.

The distinctive products are handmade and they have their own appearance. Every piece is sustainable and of high quality.

Treat yourself today to a lovely piece of jewelry from A Brend.

The hummingbird

Our visual signature:
One of the main characteristics of the hummingbird is how it is constantly on the move. It’s energy and drive are almost tireless. The bird infers action, flying, taking off, passion and movement.

It relies on special flying skills and is very unique and graceful. Their ability to fly in all possible directions and stop in an instant makes them one of a kind.
They come in a variety of different colors and are playful and elegant.

They can not survive without flowers as the flowers can not survive without them. The hummingbird has a symbolic character and one of their most exceptional skills is their ability to overcome difficult challanges.

It has become a strong symbol that influences the ability to rise above trouble and hardship.

Some of the most common meanings are love, joy, hope, life and charm. It represent someone that lives life to the fullest, someone who embraces life.

Lines, form and white spaces in this particular logo play a big part in minimalism.

A Brend BV
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