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Read about our sustainable journey.

We only have two choices.
Do nothing or so something.

Together we can make a difference on earth. We need to.
After all, Elon Musk hasn’t taken us to planet B yet.
We’re not perfect. We never will be. But we know we want to be part of the solution – not part of the pollution. That’s why we’re doing our best to bring sustainability into our day to day fashion work.

So what are our values?
We’re driven by openness, social responsibility, and caring for people, animals, and the environment. We’ve been doing this passively for years by giving to charity. Now we want to be pro active by making sure our daily actions support the well being of our shared planet.

What goals do we have?

When we started, our goal was designing fine jewelry inspired by and locally sourced in Bali. Now we want our work to be more sustainable. In 2019 we are looking to replace our plastic polybags with biodegradable ones. It is hard to find in the sizes that we have but still working on it.

The next step is committing to silver fair-trade certification requirements.

Change is hard; it takes time. We started with clear and measurable goals for different parts of our business such as process, production, packaging and the office environment. We are not there yet… but we’re definitely proud.

We follow fair work principles

All A Brend jewelry is made under fair work conditions on the island of Bali.

Fair work conditions for us means:
– no child labor
– no discrimination
– no forced labor
– freedom of association
– proper working hours
– living wage
– a safe & healthy workplace

We visit our suppliers on a regular basis.

Recycled silver

We already work with recycled silver from returns and unsold jewelry.

A lot of pieces in our collection are hand-made in Bali. We love the slight differences between our products and we love the authenticity that a crafts (wo) man enjoyed making a piece of our collection.
Local craftmanship is also important to keep the trade within the family/tribe/country/Island. It has less huge impact on the environment that factories producing all sort of greenhouse gasses and it gives the local worker the respect and honor for its craftsmanship.

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sustainable fashion consultancy


We only have two choices.
Do nothing or so something.

That’s why we sponsor and also clean up some beaches when we are on/in (?) Bali.

“TRASH HERO is an energetic, volunteer-led movement that drives change within communities around the world, motivating and supporting them to clean and prevent plastic waste.”

The Trash Hero mission is to bring communities together to clean and reduce waste.

Currently, the network extends to 12 countries around the world: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Singapore, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, USA and Australia.

By spending a few hours together picking up trash, people gain a profound understanding of the consequences of being careless about waste.

And they do so much more.
For more info or if you would like to donate:

Hey Beautiful,
Come on in.

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